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Haunted Specters, Chapter 1

Characters: Simon Blackquill, Bobby Fulbright, Shi-Long Lang.
Fandom: Ace Attorney.
Pairings: Blackbright.
Warnings/rating: Warnings for some Dual Destinies spoilers!
Summary: Over a month after the events of Chasing Phantoms, the story continues. With Interpol tending to something big in Cohdopia, Prosecutor Simon Blackquill and Agent Bobby Fulbright have no choice but to maintain a long-distance relationship. Sadly, trouble’s brewing just around the corner.

You can find all the chapters of Chasing Phantoms in my Fanfiction tag!

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The 3rd theme for the Weekly Art Challenge that I’m having with my tomodachis is “THE FEELS”.

I’ve been meaning to draw fanart of PengyChan's Turnabout to the Past and I had something else in mind/doodled but one of my tomodachis has yet to finish the game so I’m afraid that idea will be too much of a giveaway to the game’s ending.

So uhm, here’s one of my favourite scenes from the story BECAUSE MY FUCKING HEART ARHJASHGASGHAGHASGg

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GREAT. I’m trying my hardest not to squel because most of my family is just across the room and they would wonder WTF is wrong with me, but man isn’t it hard not to. This is great, thank you SO much! : D


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Tales of TV from May 2014 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine! What shenanigans are the Tales cast up to now?!

Continuing off from where blasteriidx left off scanning this :D

Download the chapter!

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You may use these for scanlations, I only ask for you to credit me for the scans.

Oh my gosh, they remembered that Yurgen exists! =D